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The Heartland Project is a free resource for Heartland Energy clients in South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. The goal is to help these cities secure their networks from cyber attacks through penetration testing on their technology infrastructures.

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We are a team of cybersecurity professionals from DSU MadLabs® dedicated to assisting city governments to secure their technology infrastructure. We use applied security research and diverse tactics and techniques in penetration testing, also known as red teaming. We utilize validated and ethical tools and techniques to provide comprehensive security assessments. Together, we can work to stop cyber-attacks before they happen.


The Heartland Project team identifies network vulnerabilities while also validating current security defenses. We will help these city governments understand their current security posture, reduce cyber risk, facilitate compliance, and improve operational efficiency. We focus on long-term relationships to build an accurate profile of primary business functions, where threats originate, and individual goals of security assessments.


Reveal vulnerabilities an attacker could exploit to gain access to your network and systems.


Prioritized tactical and strategic recommendations address discovered vulnerabilities.


Receive validation of remediation efforts, as well as expert training to improve security defenses.

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