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Month: May 2021

Analyzing Document with Malicious Excel 4.0 Macros

Let’s look at an example of Excel 4.0 macros, which is an old technique that has made a recent comeback. Excel 4.0 macros were introduced in Excel version 4.0 in 1992. What makes theses macros so powerful, is you can run commands directly from these sheets in an Excel document. There is a long list of what you can do ( and How Do Excel 4.0 Macros Work? A simple example below pops the calculator, and prints some text. To do this, right click on the “sheet” tab at the bottom of the screen, click “insert”, and select “Excel…

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Announcing Collaboration with Any.Run

Any.Run, an interactive online sanbox, has started a formal cooperation with the MADRID Labs at Dakota State University, under the supervision of Dr Josh Stroschein. This collaboration serves to benefit the students, courses and other activities at DSU that is focused on malware analysis. The following is a snippet from the AnyRun press release: ANY.RUN, an interactive online sandbox for detecting and investigating malware, has started a cooperation with Dakota State University in Madison, S.D.  Three online malware courses at DSU – Malware Analysis, Intrusion Detection, and Advanced Malware – have integrated the service into their programs, giving students a…

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