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Announcing Collaboration with Any.Run

Any.Run, an interactive online sanbox, has started a formal cooperation with the MADRID Labs at Dakota State University, under the supervision of Dr Josh Stroschein. This collaboration serves to benefit the students, courses and other activities at DSU that is focused on malware analysis. The following is a snippet from the AnyRun press release:

ANY.RUN, an interactive online sandbox for detecting and investigating malware, has started a cooperation with Dakota State University in Madison, S.D. 

Three online malware courses at DSU – Malware Analysis, Intrusion Detection, and Advanced Malware – have integrated the service into their programs, giving students a better understanding of how things unfold in real-time. These clear demonstrations in class show malware behavioral activity, with an opportunity to interact with it directly. 

Beginners and advanced analysts who are eager to boost their knowledge in the sphere can take these master and undergraduate programs. The main benefit is that all lectures and labs are dedicated largely to analysis practice, from malware delivery to lateral movement, obfuscation, reverse-engineering, and others. 

Dr. Josh Stroschein, assistant professor of Cyber Security and Network & Security Administration at Dakota State, has been working with the company for some time and is using the company’s free services in his classes. 

He is also working with students to write technical analysis blogs to be published on ANY.RUN’s blog site. This is part of his efforts with mentoring students. “I’ve been working with several students to help them grow as malware analysts, and find them professional opportunities,” he said. Because they are a globally recognized company, having blogs on ANY.RUN “would look great on student’s resume.” The first student blog was posted in late April.  

The full press release can be found on AnyRun’s website at The DSU press release can be found at

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